The Makutano Club is a business network bringing together over 600 active members from civil society and the public and private sectors. It connects the leaders of the DRC and its neighbours through robust networks and ad hoc meetings, including :
breakfast and lunch debates, thematic sectoral conferences and workshops and exclusive dinner events with local, regional and international experts. In addition, The Makutano Club provides exclusive content to members and targeted audiences through webinars, podcasts, white paper, masterclasses to nurture collective economic intelligence.

News from the Network.

Prevention in the national language

Because we do not receive information with the same clarity when it is broadcasted in our mother tongue, Makutano has partnered with the UNDP to set up a prevention program against Covid-19 in the four national vernacular languages. .

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Meeting with doctor Muyembe

Fruitful conversation between Doctor Jean-Jacques Muyembe, Director of the DRC Biomedical Research Institute, Felly Samuna, CEO of Congo Call Center, and Nicole Sulu. For Dr. Muyembe, the COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the glaring deficit of health infrastructure in the DRC.

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