Launched in January 2020, the Makutano Institute aimsto inspire the development of regional economies through the production of key strategic documents (reports, barometer, various publications), the articulation of specific proposals and concrete recommendations in support of public or private decisions. propositions pointues et de recommandations concrètes venant en appui de la décision publique ou privée.

The Makutano Institute mobilizes the collective intelligence of the leaders of the sub-region in the service of the common good.

Makutano Institute

The Makutano Institute is the scientific counterpart of the Makutano business network, which abounds in its proven expertise in business and public management. Its purpose is to conduct high-level reflection on various subjects related to socio-economic development, improvement of the business climate and corporate governance in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in Africa and around the world.

The institute builds its knowledge production strategy by combining the expertise of practitioners, entrepreneurs or decision-makers, with research from academics or researchers from various backgrounds. Subsequent to this strategic direction, the communications tools will be a series of policy briefs involving experts, a series of studies conducted by researchers and seminars facilitated by researchers with the participation of practitioners.

Beyond research related to its subjects of primary interest, the Makutano Institute offers on-demand study production services on various subjects by mobilizing its network of experts and researchers. It makes itself available to national public institutions, international organizations or potential investors

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