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Makutano Forum

December 4 — 5 2020

A signature event of the Makutano business platform, the forum attracts over 1,000 participants to Kinshasa every year, centered around a key theme.

Eagerly awaited by the region's leading economic players, it provides a space for collaborative engagement via round tables, panels, workshops, networking sessions, masterclasses and deal rooms. The strength of the forum rests on the unparalleled mix of high-level and multi-sectoral expertise, making this gathering a vector of innovation and development not only for the DRC, but for the region.


En début d’année, à l’occasion du soixantième anniversaire des Indépendances africaines, et de celle de la RDC en particulier, le réseau avait choisi de laisser à d’autres les discours lénifiants sur l’émergence promise rituellement à chaque commémoration et souhaitait interroger la notion même d’indépendance, ou plus exactement, d’indépendances.

« Indépendances » au pluriel car, finalement, pouvons-nous aujourd’hui faire le bilan de ces soixante années sans interroger les notions d’indépendance psychologique, d’indépendance énergétique, d’indépendance économique, voire d’indépendance politique ?

Entre temps, la crise sanitaire a bouleversé nombre de certitudes et d’équilibres mondiaux. De nouvelles interdépendances entre états ont vu ou sont en passe de voir le jour. C’est par ailleurs dans ce contexte très particulier que la RDC présidera l’Union africaine dès janvier 2021.

En guerre contre l’Africa bashing, le Makutano ne se veut pas pour autant le chantre d’un afroptimiste mystique. C’est donc bien avec données agrégées, chiffres, indicateurs, que le Forum du Makutano souhaite aborder ces questions, être force de proposition aux niveau national et continental.

Un ancrage panafricain.

Depuis la création du réseau, en 2015, le Sultani Makutano a fait le choix de « l’ouverture sur l’Afrique », thème de sa seconde édition.

Cet ancrage panafricaniste a notamment permis d’établir des relations étroites avec de nombreux leaders de premier plan sur le continent, parmi lesquels les Présidents Mahama, Sirleaf et Issoufou, qui ont fait le déplacement à Kinshasa, ou des capitaines d’industrie, tels Tony Elu Melu, Aliko Dangote ou Justin Chinyanta. Cette volonté de mettre les secteurs privés nationaux africains en réseau, et donc mieux en phase avec les objectifs de l’agenda 2063, est un des soubassements de l’action du Makutano.

Makutano Forum Program

The Forum program will be available soon

Makutano Activities

Opening Ceremony

With several African Presidents and 600 guests expected, the opening ceremony will be held on December 4, from 8 a.m., at the Pullman Hotel.


6 debates of 1 hour 30 minutes in plenary will take place in the Amphitheater of the Congo River Hotel on Friday 4 and Saturday 5 December. These high-level exchanges between African panellists, moderated by an expert on the topic being discussed, will essentially focus on the major African economic issues.


A prominent international figure gives his point of view on one of the topics discussed during the forum, for about fifteen minutes, alone, on the stage of the Amphitheater. These highlights of Makutano. 


The 6 Makutano round tables, which will take place on December 4 and 5 at Pullman, offer an exchange between experts in front of a small audience, 80 people maximum, and tackle the themes from a more technical angle than during plenary sessions. The objectives of these exchanges are to be a force of proposal with the public authorities.


New in 2020, the Master Classes will allow around thirty CEOs to interact with a high-ranking personality from the business world or a leading institutional player, at national or continental level. Thus, and for an hour and a half, the facilitator will develop his point of view on a subject which may range from taxation in a specific sector to access to funding from international institutions, including the challenges of the Cotonou 2 agreements.


During the two days of the conference, a deal room promoting meetings between project leaders and investors will be offered. Managed sector by sector, Mining, Agro-business, industry, Services, ICT, FinTech, etc., the deal room is a great business networking opportunity.


Hosted by journalist Alain Foka, and in partnership with VOX Africa and RFI, the Presidential Closing, designed in the form of a TV / Radio program, gives the floor to the African Presidents present at the forum. This last highlight of the two days of conferences takes place in the Amphitheater of the Congo River Hotel at 5 p.m. on Saturday 5 and will be followed by a VIP cocktail around the swimming pool.


During the 2 days of the conference, a free bar area will be offered for more friendly exchanges between participants at the Congo River Hotel.


Now a ritual, the Makutano Cruise Brunch on the Congo River is a wonderful moment of conviviality and networking between CEO's. During the 5-hour ride between the two Congos aboard the Majestic River boat, with a capacity of 300 passengers, the Makutano community meets to talk business in a festive atmosphere. 

Women In Business

The network of women of influence from Central Africa is taking shape and, with its five years of existence, continues to promote exceptional networking. After welcoming more than 250 women leaders, during Makutano 5, and had the immense honor of receiving HE Mr. Elle Jonhson Sirleaf, Honorary President of Liberia, the Distinguished First Lady of the DRC, Denise Nyakeru Tshisekedi, and the Honorable President of the The National Assembly of the DRC, Jeanine Mabunda, female business leaders will meet again on December 5, at the Pullman Hotel.

Whether it is about breaking the "glass ceiling" in companies, opening the way to higher education for young women in certain remote areas of the country or in certain underprivileged areas, or directing students towards political or scientific careers, the WIB strives to implement innovative strategies adapted to African contexts to better communicate and better inspire women in order to break their isolation.

They participated to the Makutano

H.E. Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo

President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

H.E. Mahamadou Issoufou

President of Niger

H.E. Ellen-Johnson Sirleaf

Honorary President of Liberia

H.E. John Dramani Mahama

Honorary President of the Republic of Ghana

Tony Elumelu

Entrepreneur, investor and founder of Tony Elumelu Foundation

Samuel eto'o

High level footballer and President of the Eto'o Foundation

H.E. Dr. Cheik Kante

Minister in charge of Planning of Senegal

Hon. Jeanine Mabunda

President of the National Assembly of the DRC

Denise Nyakeru Tshisekedi

First Lady of the DRC

Albert Yuma

Entrepreneur, President of the FEC

Vincent Le Guennou

CEO Emerging Capital Partners

Jean-Louis Billon

Ivorian politician, honorary minister of trade

Nos Partenaires.


Le Makutano aura lieu les 4 & 5 décembre 2020 à l’Hotel Kempinsky, à Kinshasa.  Les inscriptions seront ouvertes courant octobre.